Color BROWN Mulch

Color BROWN Mulch


Composition:             Pure color-enhanced wood that has been ground  to a fine texture.  It is made primarily of fresh wood from  tree companies with little or no reclaimed wood content. 


Description:               Comparable in texture to many triple-shredded mulches on the market.  It works well in mulch blowers and spreads evenly giving a clean finished look to the property.   It has been colored using FDA approved colorants that will not harm plants or soils.  Colored mulches will hold the color longer than natural mulches.  Available in black, brown and red.  Sold by the yard.  It can be re-colored with Mulch Colorant if it fades.

Black- pure black, like charcoal
Brown- chocolate brown
Red- brick red


Decorative covering in shrub and flowerbeds.


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Color BROWN Mulch