Sweet Peet

Sweet Peet
Sweet Peet


100% organic product made from composted ingredients harvested from local farming operations. As a superior soil conditioner, Sweet peet is fortified with farm manure and reduces nitrogen-borrowing when tilled-in around root zones of plantings.


Has a rich dark color of coffee grounds or chocolate, and a natural texture, which are the perfect visual enhancements in any landscape setting. It has a sweet, earthy smell. It differs from many mulches and soil amendments in that it contains no human waste and no construction or demolition debris. Sweet Peet is safe for children, pets, plants and all living things. All around Best composted soil conditioner available. Sold by the cubic yard.


  • Decoration around trees, shrubs, and beds.

  • Excellent moisture retention.

  • As a top dressing on lawns and golf coursed.

  • For flower and vegetable gardens to neutralize soil acidity which in turns releases locked-up nutrients to the feeder roots of garden plants.

  • To suppress weed growth.

  • To establish new lawns.


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Sweet Peet